5 Reasons Why We Partnered Up With Creating Tomorrow's Forests

As a London-based start-up business, we’re immersed in the concrete jungle but we always crave for the outdoors to replenish our minds and to breathe in some fresh air! Did you know that less than 13% of the UK is covered by woodlands and forests? We were shocked to hear this statistic. The natural world is shrinking, the wild is in decline. We all know that woodlands and forests around the world are being cleared for either agriculture or other means of production. Woodlands are cut down for their timber, which is high in demand as the population grows, and deplete rapidly within a few hours. What has been growing for potentially tens and hundreds of years has been deforested in a matter of seconds. But there are amazing companies out there who are doing great things to combat the global climate change crisis. Here are 5 reasons why we’ve partnered up with Creating Tomorrow’s Forests (CTF):

1. Fighting Climate Change

While you’re reading this, it is estimated that 1 hectare of rainforest is disappearing every second. So imagine how many trees have been cleared by the time you finish reading this blog!? The more deforestation occurs, the more devastating the affects on our environment. Trees breathe in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, which is what human beings need to inhale to survive. With the burning of fossils fuels and the surge in agriculture, increased levels of CO2 emissions and methane have entered the atmosphere, contributing to global temperatures rising. If we continue to replace our woodlands and forests with pasture for animal grazing & farming cattle, temperatures around the world will continue to rise, melting our ice caps and contribute to sea levels rising. Our earth’s Holocene and environment is on the brink of collapse. Forming a partnership with Creating Tomorrow’s Forests is our way of preserving our natural world. As David Attenborough states, “We moved from being a part of nature to being apart from nature”. We have to reverse that transition to find a sustainable existence.

2. Encouraging Reforestation

In the UK, woodlands and forests play a huge role in our environment, from sustaining wildlife populations and improving soil quality, to how rivers behave during adverse weather conditions. Reforestation can reduce flooding and improve the air we breathe. It may surprise you but reforestation has many benefits, both environmentally and financially. Forests can increase land value as well as provide shelter for crops and livestock. They also provide habitats for wildlife and can stabilise river banks. Not only that, but forests improve the amenity value of property, adding greater value to the local area and community. That’s why at business level, investing in woodlands & forests can have a real, positive impact with lasting change. That’s why we’re committed to improving the UK’s biodiversity. Not only is it vital for a wide range of species to thrive, it’s important for our settlements and infrastructure.

Creating Tomorrows Forests

3. Understanding Our Packaging Choice

HelmWear is painfully aware of the plastic pollution crisis and that’s why our underwear range will support the circular economy, transforming waste into regenerated goods, reducing our need for virgin materials that use fossil fuels. Thankfully, more and more people are becoming aware of the false economy of fast fashion and understand the power in their purchasing. But as our purchasing habits change and we move away from plastic packaging, our reliance on paper and cardboard will increase. That’s why we’ve thought ahead. We want to make sure we’re not taking from the environment. Rather than adding to deforestation, we’re actively supporting CTF by giving a percentage of our profits to plant more trees to create greater biodiversity in the UK.

4. Building A Community

We believe in Our People, Our Profits and Our Planet. Sustainability is at the heart of our philosophy. That’s why HW is committed to building lasting relationships with other eco-minded businesses that are aligned with our values. It is the way forward to creating a better tomorrow! With CTF, we aim to create more woodlands and forests in the UK, to improve local environments, and in turn it creates more jobs in the local area. So if we can build relationships with people who feel as passionate about the natural world like we do, it’s a win-win situation! CTF are a lovely bunch and they are an extremely experienced crew. We can’t wait to work with them!

Creating Tomorrow's Forests

5. Being A Conscious Consumer

As a start-up eco-business, we too are a consumer. We want to make sure every step we take is considered with the environment in the forefront of our decision making. Knowing your carbon footprint is something we’re working on as we work closely with suppliers and manufacturers to know our supply chain here in the UK and further afield. CTF are also a part of that journey. By choosing to partner up with CTF, we’re sharing the good vibes and giving them a bigger platform to spread the word. Tomorrow’s Forests have planted eight million trees on large-scale sites for the forestry commission, private land owners and government, and have now decided to start projects in partnership with businesses and individuals.  So you too can have an impact on our tomorrow!

We’re only at the beginning of our journey with CTF and we can’t wait to get things off the ground, and visit them when the time is right. Thankfully, their work is done in the great outdoors in wide open spaces with lots of fresh air, so it’s perfect to meet them onsite to talk through our plans for the building a partnership for the future. And final note from us. As David Attenborough puts it himself, “We have lived apart from nature for years, but we are indeed a part of nature”. Head over to CTF's website to learn more about what they do!

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