Free Fitness: Find Inspo Online to Keep Physically Active

The year of 2020 will probably go down as the year we shall never forget. Since the Spanish Flu in 1918, we haven't experienced a pandemic, restrictions in worldwide travel, panic buying and lockdowns. Many of us will be experiencing a very different Christmas this year, restricted by the government’s latest tier structure. Once again, some areas of the UK are being confined to their homes (for the health & safety of the many), but we need to keep positive. Winter is notoriously known for a lot of us to fall off the fitness band-wagon. It’s chilly outside and the nights have drawn in, meaning our motivation levels drop and our biologically innate emotions drives us to hibernate for the colder months. This is only natural. In fact, so many people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) from the changing seasons here in the UK, that physical activity altogether drops down on the priority list. But we need to keep physically active, not just for our bodies but for our mental health too!

Here are four fitness fanatics to give you some #fitnessinspo to sustain your fitness routine...

Who: Caroline Girvan

Where: YouTube
Fitness: EPIC Programme

Caroline Girvan is a Certified Personal Trainer who really loves all aspects of fitness. She has experience running multiple marathons and ultras to triathlons and undertaking IronMan. She is a true inspiration (and hench)! Through her 10-Week EPIC Programme, the fitness routines target all areas of the body, isolating each muscle group so you walk away feeling satisfied (and achey!). Caroline does the entire workout from start to finish with you and at some points, she even takes a break during the set to show you that she’s human too. With heavy weights, it might be hard to get through the whole routine and Caroline shows us that it’s ok to pause if you don’t feel like you can sustain the exercise with proper form. The programme also includes advanced HIIT full-body workouts without weights and I kid you not, they are HARD. If you’re up for a challenge, then definitely subscribe!

Caroline Girvan


Who: Talilla Henchoz

Where: Instagram
Fitness: We Are Club V

Talilla Henchoz is the most upbeat and fun-loving PT I’ve come across on IG. Through the very first lockdown she was quick to identify that people needed motivation and a friendly face to get them through the turbulence. Through instagram lives she managed to capture a large following, providing free content to anyone who would follow and join in! Meanwhile, in the background, she was formulating Club V, probably one of the first online fitness groups to emerge out of the pandemic. For less than 60p per workout, you have access to a month’s fitness programme (that’s updated every month), a variety of virtual live classes (and they’re recorded so you can continue working out in the comfort of your own home at any time), recipe booklets and nutrition advice as well as lots of goodies and brand discounts. Not only that, but through her dedication to building an audience, there’s already a huge amount of free workouts on her feed. Why not try her out!?

Tallila Henchoz

Who: Meggan Grubb

Where: Insta Lives
Fitness: The Peachy Community

Meggan Grubb has been on insta since I can remember. She’s a qualified PT and actively targets a younger audience, encouraging confidence in young ladies to step into the weights room. Building on the peach emoji, she set up The Peachy Community secret facebook page in May 2017 to encourage gym-goers to share their progress and check their form. Now that gyms are intermittently closing (due to lockdown restrictions), she launched herself quickly at Insta Lives to keep her community alive. She even asks her following what they’d like to do next through her Insta Stories. She has so much content on her feed, you don’t even need to purchase her affordable fitness guides. She's uber authentic and loves engaging real-time with her followers! The best bit is it feels like she’s actually there in the room with you, exercising alongside you.

Meggan Grubb

Who: Joe Wicks / The Body Coach

Where: YouTube
Fitness: HIIT Workouts

Joe Wicks (a.k.a. The Body Coach) has been plugging away in the fitness industry for over 10 years, encouraging all age groups to get physically active. Now, he has over 2.6M YouTube subscribers, he was awarded an MBE earlier this year for his services to fitness and charity, and has published numerous cookbooks on nutrition and healthy meals. He’s a proper family guy, down to earth and always updating content on his YouTube channel. If you’re after a quick 20-30 minute HIIT workout, he’s your man! Either with weights or not, his full body workouts get you building up a sweat fast. Blast one out, get your heart rate up and you’ll feel so well equipped for the rest of the day!

The Body Coach

 Try them out!