Our Story.

HelmWear was founded on the belief that every person should feel empowered to sweat. Keeping physically healthy is important to our mental well being. No matter what shape, size or fitness level, you should feel safe and secure when working out. That's why and how HelmWear was born. Our mission is to provide a range of underwear styles to suit you. But we wanted to go further and share our vision.

Be at the helm of your bodyship.

Our Ethos.

Our Commitment.

Our Formula.

Building an eco-business and a brand focused on supporting the circular economy is no easy task. There are big giants out there but we're going to attempt to carve out our place in the market. That's why we've got a formula.

Focus: It's important to us that our supply chain is what we say it is. We will continuously review our supply chain to ensure we remain transparent, uphold our Corporate Social Responsibility and assess our benchmark on sustainable practices.

Fashion: Fast fashion is a false economy. If clothes are cheap, it's because someone somewhere else in the world is paying for it. So we will support a Circular Business Model and use textiles that support innovative technology. We will aim to release product launches when there's a demand, meaning less waste.

Function: Our top priority is to absolutely make sure the products we offer are functional for your fitness pursuits. If you ever feel the quality of our products don't live up to our philosophy, please do get in touch at customerservice@helmwear.co.uk

Our Partnership.